Friday, 27 May 2011

Style icon: Patti Smith

A MASSIVE influence on Fashion, music and poetry, Patti Smith's style is timeless; for girls AND boys. She herself admitted to nicking her persona from Bob Dylan, showing the fluidity of clothing and gender.

At a glance very basic; however black skinnies and t-shirts are the tip of the iceberg. Note the fabric bracelets; reminding us of the hippie and beat influences of the Godmother of Punk. This detail is easily translated to a contemporary standard, by mixing metallic, industrial punk jewelry, with wooden and fabric more bo-ho; bridging beatnik, hippie and punk in the same way she did.

It's easy to see that she has influenced Gillain Zinser. Boy-ish, laid-back, torn jeans and general Bohemian and beatnik influences. I am so inspired by the two of them!

Leather Jackets will also give you that Jack Keurac 'On the road' look that I crave. Vintage, second hand or just nick one form you dad; i avoid buying new because I'm a vegetarian and against the leather industry, however second-hand tells a story and avoids the unnecessary waste; make sure the Cows life was not in vain!

Keep to simplistic jewelery, and androgynous cuts and you'll have that Patti Smith look down, don't be afraid to push boundaries girls and boys!

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