Friday, 27 May 2011

Style icon: Patti Smith

A MASSIVE influence on Fashion, music and poetry, Patti Smith's style is timeless; for girls AND boys. She herself admitted to nicking her persona from Bob Dylan, showing the fluidity of clothing and gender.

At a glance very basic; however black skinnies and t-shirts are the tip of the iceberg. Note the fabric bracelets; reminding us of the hippie and beat influences of the Godmother of Punk. This detail is easily translated to a contemporary standard, by mixing metallic, industrial punk jewelry, with wooden and fabric more bo-ho; bridging beatnik, hippie and punk in the same way she did.

It's easy to see that she has influenced Gillain Zinser. Boy-ish, laid-back, torn jeans and general Bohemian and beatnik influences. I am so inspired by the two of them!

Leather Jackets will also give you that Jack Keurac 'On the road' look that I crave. Vintage, second hand or just nick one form you dad; i avoid buying new because I'm a vegetarian and against the leather industry, however second-hand tells a story and avoids the unnecessary waste; make sure the Cows life was not in vain!

Keep to simplistic jewelery, and androgynous cuts and you'll have that Patti Smith look down, don't be afraid to push boundaries girls and boys!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

That was beautiful. I'll never forget it

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

A book well worth the read. It's my favourite book by far, a work of literary art, it is the story of Mikage Sakurai's struggle with her Grandmother's death and how becomes close with her Grandmother's friend Yuichi Tanabe, along his stunningly beautiful mother, formally father Eriko.
The series of events occur in the book evoke a sense of nostalgia, tragedy and hope, intersect by sublime Japanese aesthetics, focusing deeply on the poetic art of food. The imagery in this book will have you craving Okayu soup and Sunomono salad for weeks!

The author explores the relationship between Mikage, Yuichi , the people around them, and her love of kitchens and the culinary arts in a decisive way, each part of the novel flows delicately into each other revealing the emotional journey Mikage experiences through her loss of loved ones. I always cry when I read it, but it isn't all sad, so don't worry!

 My favourite author; Banana Yoshimoto's books are charming and odd works of art. along with Kitchen, I also recommend Asleep, N.P. and Lizard in particularly, each containing one or more stories, each giving a window into the everyday life of Japan, but not without a touch of supernatural allure.

"I realized that the world did not exist for my benefit. It followed that the ratio of pleasant and unpleasant things around me would not change. It wasn't up to me. It was clear that the best thing to do was to adopt a sort of muddled cheerfulness."
Banana Yoshimoto (Kitchen)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Style icon: Audrey Kitching

I love this look, it fits into the whole let's go tripp'n to the beach look that I'm into this summer. Audrey Kitching has fueled my craving for the worn vintage look on the beach, she such an iconic model!
The key pieces I need still are denim shorts, however in a longer style, blue but still very worn, a trip to Soho's is essential for a pair of DIY's. I am also in desperate need of a pair of Hi-top converse for everyday practical wear. 
Peace and Love 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Feasting on Kate

My top foods for staying young, thin and pretty:

Green tea: Drinking this makes me feel so clean and healthy; and full! Perfect for drinking in between meals to stave off hunger; as well containing chemicals which supposedly increase metabolism. The anti-oxidant rich liquid is also excellent at keeping your skin soft and supple when drunk.

Skimmed Milk: Forget all the shit they tell you about skimmed milk being less healthy and containing less calcium, Nearly all the the vitamin and mineral content in milk is found in the watery part; not the fat.
 High in protein and and calcium, Milk is perfect for getting the body you want. Calcium blocks fat from being absorbed in your digestive system, while protein is essential for building muscle mass needed to remain healthy and accelerate fat burning. Milk is perfect for making you body beautiful.

Grapefruit: Babe of my life, the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world! Whether fresh slices or juice, grapefruit is my #1 food to be beautiful. Anti-ageing and Anti-weight gain this fruit is sexiest food in my mind, rich in anti-oxidants, spermidine (innit though) a chemical shown to slow the ageing process, and vitamin C. Vitamin C as you probably known is vital for staying healthy and not catching scurvy, but it is also important for maintain collagen within the skin keeping you young and beautiful, so eat plenty of this!
The grapefruit diet isn't famous for no reason- it works. Though going to this extreme may not be for you, grapefruit is an excellent weight loss aid, increasing the metabolism of fat! Go grapefruity!

 Seeing as this post is all about beauty, not aging and staying skinny, who is more appropriate to feature than our beloved Kate Moss, an excellent source of inspiration; note the claw jewellery and wide knit sheer shawl.

So beautiful, so outrageous; I NEED a sheer t-shirt, more torn jeans; bone, shell and claw bracelets and necklaces. Be inspired- Peace and Love people xoxo

Monday, 2 May 2011

Style icon: Gillian Zinser

This summer I'm all about surfer, bo-ho, L.A. beach style and torn denim- absolute girl crush  Gillian Zinser.

Everything is totally surfer: Wooden beads, fabric bracelets, torn jeans, oversized T-shirts, Denim shorts and Ray-Ban Aviators- essentials.

 I'm in love with her look- I've been so hungry for colour recently, and I'm done with the drab grunge looks of the Winter- Cold is so over, It's Summer! Time to strip off a layer or two!
Other Inspirations-  must get piercing done and dye hair.

 Laid-back beach Surfer is now for me, just being a free spirit so Namaste Bitches.xoxo

Summer though